Explaining the real estate condo craze in west vancouver

real estate boomLong gone, are the days when a lady would saunter into a condominium and spew a barrage of words revolving around male chauvinism, due to its very manly setting. Initially, especially in Canada, admitting to owning a condo would usually be followed by trite (and sometimes crude) bachelor jokes with dirty dishes as part of their makeup. This situation has been massively overturned though. The condo-love virus has seemingly spread from Montreal to Calgary to West Vancouver and it seems to be catching on at an alarmingly swift rate. This is however with good reason. Take for instance the phenomenon that existed several years back when “smart” real estate fellows thought it prudent to have condos made for either ladies or men, instead of men only. They either had fully fledged facilities for ladies (a la all-women gyms and spas) or the opposite. The very process of moving into a condo was awfully tricky and the jokes carried on. Today condos have exhibited certain resurgence, especially in West Vancouver. Montreal may have been the king of condos, but West Vancouver is well on its way to claiming that crown.

Canadians are more conscious of home costs than ever before. West Vancouver residents, being Canadians, bear this consciousness trait as well. This has supplemented to their love for the condo. How is this? Recently, the Canadian Bankers Association gave a report that home owners in certain areas of Canada are twice as likely to struggle with mortgage issues as their fellow Canadians. The report makes sense (think of Alberta; the collective voice of complaining people hurts just to listen to) but smart West Vancouver fellows know they are not far removed from this particular situation. The rates of delinquency have shot up to 0.83%, which is absurd given that the last time they were up to that level was back in 1990. People have realized that owning a condo doesn’t necessarily cramp their styles, but they do offer lower mortgage payments as opposed to owning a house, which qualifies as a good thing. This is part of the collective reason why West Vancouver condos are really up and coming.

One thing that supplements to the previous point is that one of Canada’s largest developers of condos, Tridel, put together a string of promises to the effect that they will put up residences that will shelter the financial aspect of present and future generations by utilizing environmentally sustainable designs of building, which accord for easy management. How many fully-sized home developers and sellers are promising the same? This has to be the rhetorical question of the year. Given that Tridel is familiar with most of Canada, the assumption by most West Vancouver residents is that they know West Vancouver well (they have actually developed several tasteful condos there). Philosophies such as theirs are the reason why West Vancouver condos are really up and coming.
With green construction growing in popularity in leaps and bounds, it should be noted that Canadians in West Vancouver are in love with it and the perks it comes with. Green construction basically involves building structures using environmentally friendly material. Condos have been the structures that have embraced the concept of green building best, with overall costs as the fulcrum of all such operations. Everyone loves water and energy efficiency in their homes and this comes in droves in green buildings. This explains the growing preference for condos in West Vancouver.

Even with all the above aside, West Vancouver is one of the most beloved places in Canada. Owning a condo near Granville island and attacking the excellent sushi on a daily basis has to be everyone’s dream. As a matter of fact, it has to be the Canadian dream. This points out to why West Vancouver condos are really up and coming.

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