Green Real Estate Agents

world-property-linksOur agents are all about have a green conscious!
When you are a certified green realtor in the Vancouver area we will provide you with a quality assurance from NAR’s Green official designation.

You will then be able to join the thousands of realtors already.

To acquire and use NAR’s Environment-friendly Designation, 3 (3) requirements need to be fulfilled:.

Finish the following courses and pass each examination with a rating of 80 percent or greater;.

  • Environment-friendly 100: Real Estate for a Sustainable Future– Awareness and Comprehension.
  • Green 200: The Science of Green Building– Study and Insight.
  • Green 300: Greening Your Real Estate Company– Application Skills.

Submit the member application for NAR’s Environment-friendly Designation with evidence of completion for all course requirements and evidence of your REAL ESTATE AGENT ® membership.

Maintain active and excellent membership status with the Eco-friendly Resource Council and the National Association of REALTORS®.

Use the Form below so we can help you get started!

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