Why join our Eco Initiative?

Even in “The City Different,”  Eco real estate agents are unique.  We are Vancouver’s only all partnership initiative, all broker society  -  purposely small and tightly run. If you would like to join us please see about how you can get your certification. We truly believe that this is the way of the future! green home

Currently Our eight partners are consistently among the most green realtors in Vancouver, with exceptionally varied backgrounds, perfectly mirroring those of our sophisticated clientele, buyers as well as sellers.

In fact, our experience has shown us over and over again that the discerning consider a real estate transaction to be a green affair.  One that depends upon experience, personalized service, and most importantly, toward a eco friendly future. 

We believe the difference is night and day…

See our stories to know how we are making a difference.

Use the form below and let’s get started on your ECO GREEN AGENT DESIGNATION today!!

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